Ongoing 3Roots Sales

DORSEY Plan 1 Kitchen Rendering image

We are approaching our Model Home Openings at our 3Roots neighborhoods: DORSEY, AERO, & BRIO.

Starting from the $600,000s, DORSEY will feature chic multi-story townhomes and single-story flats ranging from 2-3 bedrooms and 1,230 to 1,609 sq. ft. of living space. Reach out to DORSEY Sales Representative Teresa Haynes at for more information.

Starting from the high $800,000s, AERO will offer three-story stylish bungalows ranging from 2-3 bedrooms and 1,875 to 2,041 sq. ft. of living space with personal offices. If you have additional questions, please email AERO's Sales Representative, Claudia Barbour, at

Starting from the low $1 millions, BRIO will showcase elegant two-story single-family homes ranging from 2,574 to 2,743 sq. ft. of living space with beautiful outdoor living rooms and modern architecture. Contact Marcia Thorne, BRIO's Sales Representative, at if you have any questions.

Following each new release of homes, our Sales Counselors continue to call Pre-Qualified Interest Registrants based on their priority order to offer residences for purchase. If you have not begun your pre-qualification application with our preferred lender, Pacific Sun Mortgage, we encourage you to do so today. You must complete your pre-qualification to be considered eligible to buy a Cal West residence at 3Roots. Revisit our detailed steps to apply per neighborhood below:

DORSEY at 3Roots

AERO at 3Roots

BRIO at 3Roots