A Thank You Letter from the Top of the World

Upper Cielo Homeowner Testimonial

Dear California West,

I just closed on my home at Upper Cielo, Homesite 76 and wanted to express my thanks for these wonderful folks at California West, especially Amy Davis (Director of Sales) and Jeff Raisch (Sales Associate) at Upper Cielo.

First of all, Jeff and Amy are like family now as I have been at the models several times. Jeff even offered to bring me food on the day I was moving in. Secondly, your team has always been knowledgeable and friendly. They are always cheerful, nothing is too much to ask, and their professionalism is consistent and reliable.

Although I have never purchased a new home before, I have remodeled a few and the experiences have all been horrendous. I am sure that building a new house can also be trying at times but I did not really feel that at Upper Cielo due to the professionalism of the sales team. They are also great brand ambassadors, which I assume is important for a developer.

While I am at it, Lori Haggart, our design consultant, is also amazing. She is very knowledgeable and professional - nothing is too much to ask of her. I love how efficient she is, as that is how I try to be in my professional life, and it is really nice to be on the receiving end of that type of service. She also has excellent taste.

Finally, I cannot say enough about how nice the process has been and how accommodating all of your team members are. It is clear that you build a quality project and that you surround yourself with quality people.

Karen A. Rooney